Try Our Full Fridge Service and Always Have Your Food Fixes Fulfilled!

Imagine opening your fridge. It’s clean. It’s well organized. Inside, surrounded by white light is a week’s worth of delicious, wholesome food, and you didn’t have to plan, shop, cook, or clean up to make it happen.

No you are not dreaming or meditating or wishing on a star! With Food Fix Kitchen’s Full Fridge you can have this food fix waiting for you in your own kitchen.

You want to eat well and want to provide healthy, delicious food choices each day for yourself and your family, but life, work, kids’ daily schedules, etc. don’t allow you to do what it takes to make that happen. Do you end up paying a premium to eat out too often, or pick up takeout food that research shows is higher in fat, sugar, sodium, cholesterol and calories than home-prepared food? Don’t you wish you could find a stress-free solution that costs less than hiring a private chef, but still delivers a customized service that is reliable and high-quality?

Open up to Food Fix Kitchen’s Full Fridge.


Here’s what you can get with Full Fridge*:

  • Personal Shopper Service: We can shop for, deliver and put away your personal shopping list, including groceries, beverages, toiletries and household items.
  • Choose from a small, carefully curated menu of delicious, healthy prepared foods prepared fresh and delivered weekly. Having these on hand will let you put together a meal/salad/picnic in minutes and guarantee you’ll have great food choices available always.
  • Our quality and good-conscience guarantee: our menu consists of made-from-scratch cooking, using whole foods, with no additives, preservatives, artificial coloring, flavoring, antibiotics or hormones. We shop and cook for you like we would our own family. We strive for seasonal, sustainable, local fare when possible. Menus will include but are not limited to: cooked grains, grain salads, composed salads, grilled, roasted or poached fish and meats/seasonal vegetables/ soups, sandwich salads and sides. We use only stainless steel, cast iron, natural parchment and glass for preparation. No aluminum, plastic or microwave used for cooking.
  • Also available, with Chopped Champion Chef Rachel Reuben, by limited appointment/additional cost:
    • Private Chef Delivered
    • In-home Private Chef
    • In-Home Cooking Class Parties
    • Private individual or group cooking instruction
    • Private diet and wellness consultation with Chef Rachel
    • Optimal Wellness Pantry Purge and Reset