Chopped Champion Chef Rachel Reuben creates fun, entertaining, exciting and delicious hands-on team building cooking classes that not only cook up a 4-course meal for the team to enjoy, but also stirs up opportunities for skill learning, group cooperation, direct communication, problem solving, bonding over shared tastes, smells, textures and sights, and creates a food memory that will last a lifetime. Chef Rachel’s classical training and second-generation chef passion makes her serious about skills, timing and execution of the task at hand, while her humor, storytelling and charisma making it all seem like a party!


Let’s take a 1-minute look at culinary history!

Late in the 19th century, following a French army career, gifted chef Georges-Auguste Escoffier, became the most celebrated chef in France as he published Le Guide Culinaire, which is still used as a major reference work, both in the form of a cookbook and a textbook on cooking.  He developed the modern “brigade” system in London’s Savoy Hotel as a way of organizing and dividing labor and talent in the commercial kitchen.

Escoffier understood that cooking and turning out multi-course, complex meals was a team effort that would require the sort of “all-in” mentality he’d seen on the battle field. What he knew about turning out a meal is what makes cooking one of the most sought-after team building activities for corporate America today. Escoffier knew that cooking is a team sport!

Class Venues


Food Fix Kitchen has partnered with several outstanding venues that are ideal for team building cooking classes. Whether your team building group is 5 or 50 we have a venue and menu to make the event fun, informative and a genuine opportunity for connecting, communication and fun.

For larger groups we take over 18 Label, a very cool culinary TV production studio in Montclair, NJ, production home to Food Network’s The Kitchen with Chef Jeffrey Zakarian (one of Chef Rachel’s judges on Chopped!) and many other culinary projects and events. Picture your group coming together and bringing together a stellar meal in this incredible space.




We’ve also partnered with the exclusive Hamilton Farm Golf Club in Bedminister, NJ for our groups of 20 or less. We take over HFGC’s Lodge and kitchen for an elegant, upscale yet home-like feel. The oak cabinets, granite countertops, state of the art appliances make cooking up a wonderful team building experience a piece of cake!




Reserve Your Team Building Cooking Class Now!


Contact us to check Chef Rachel’s and our venues’ availability for your Team Building Cooking Class and to cooking up a memorable event! Or call us at 347-443-4458.