Dog Days After The Storm

Well, it’s day 8 of no power, heat, water or cooking around here in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. My 10-year-old Viszla Phoebe soaks up some luke-warm November sunlight and makes the most of a fluffy blanket to combat the cold. We have a small generator to run floor heaters and lamps at night, but gas is hard to come by so we are using it sparingly. We are grateful that the storm left us only with a few down trees and no power in a state where whole shorelines are devastated and countless homes were lost.

I’m hearing that we may get our power back in the next few days and the pups will be happy. It will take longer for others to find their way back to normal, on the Jersey shore, in Breezy Point, Queens, on Staten Island and in lower Manhattan. My thoughts and prayers are with them.


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