Don’t Miss My Chopped Champion Episode On Food Network


Watch me compete as a “Chopped Champion!” I’m up against four tough competitors who all won their respective shows, so it’s an interesting battle, with a just a hint of controversy. I’ll be interested to see how they edit it and what you all think about it. I’m proud I earned the right to wear the red “champ” coat. When I look at this image of myself on the online promo for the show, it seems surreal that I actually got the chance to compete on Chopped, won the 10K prize and came back for a second show! Thank you for all the emails, pats on the back, messages on Facebook and Twitter and in-person congrats from those I’ve met at demos, classes and other appearances since the first show aired in November. God bless the excited kids and others who’ve stopped me at the gym and at the mall to ask for autographs! You made my fifteen minutes of fame that much sweeter and fun!

So…watch and if you are so inclined leave a message after the show on the Food Network Facebook page and let them know what you think! And leave a comment here too! I will probably write my own take on the experience in the next post, but can’t talk about it until after it airs.

AIRS: Tuesday, 1/22/13 on Food Network. 10 pm EST

Check local listings for air times in your area. Show should be available, after the air date, to view online at at various outlets that show full episodes of Chopped, including or On Demand, if you don’t catch it in real time.

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  1. Looking forward to your next episode!

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