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I have to admit that I approach life in a kind of “wing and a prayer” mode a lot of the time. I prepare to the best of my ability, sometimes I even over-prepare (expecting the worst), but I know that most of what I love to do in life requires a certain trust that, when I have to, when I get there, I will summon what it takes to get the job done. Sometimes living on the edge works spectacularly, (see Chopped episode), and sometimes it doesn’t (see Cutthroat Kitchen episode and my hair in the 90s).

While life holds many uncertainties, there is a kind of reliability in cooking that calms me: have the right ingredients, use the time-tested techniques, and you can produce some wonderful, nourishing, satisfying thing that is greater than the sum of its parts. A bowl of white powder, a cup of white granules, a chicken embryo or two, and some small amounts of other white powder, mixed with a little cow’s milk and YOU HAVE CAKE!! Visitors from another galaxy would witness this bit of alchemy and shout “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” and instantly worship us for our transformative powers.

Now, every culinary magician needs his/her bag of tricks and that, it turns out, is a well-stocked pantry (hereafter known as WSP).  I talked about this recently in an interview for News Feed Daily, a news service out of the midwest. With a little planning (and my list, below) you’ll be more equipped to “fly by the seat of your pantry(tm)” and create quick, wholesome meals for you and your family. How, you ask? I need recipes, you say! Well, maybe, and in that case having a WSP will ensure that if you spontaneously decide to cook something from a recipe you happen to see in a magazine, you will likely have all the ingredients you need already, or you may just have to make a quick stop for a protein or fresh bread.


If you like to be creative, open the fridge and pantry and pretend you are on Chopped with 20 minutes to go before your kids get home for dinner, then having a well-stocked pantry will make you a champion! Either way, having a WSP requires a little shopping and planning, and willingness to keep a “restock list” going as you run out of things. It’s not rocket science, but getting in the habit of creating a list will also allow you to delegate shopping duties, thereby sharing the meal preparation tasks with another, perhaps culinarily-challenged member or your household.

See links below to access the WSP List and also a WSP Shop List you can take along to the store or post on your fridge to keep track of things you need on a weekly basis (circle what you need). Over the next few posts, (yes, I will begin posting again, I promise), I’ll be doing recipes that can be made directly from your Well Stocked Pantry so go out and stock up so you can play along!




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  2. I’m truly impressed to discover that I have a WSP! I guess all your previous coaching has paid off. I was recently gifted a 9oz bottle of Lemon Garlic Finishing Sauce (label says “also for marinating & dipping”) and a 6.8 oz bottle of extra virgin truffle olive oil. I hope you can share some recipes in the future that will embolden me to cut the seals on these special condiments.

  3. Thanks, Sharon! I’m glad you are prepared to wing it at any time! The truffle oil is wonderful drizzled with a light touch over eggs or omelettes, popcorn, grilled meats, etc. It’s a finishing thing and should not be used for cooking…only drizzling…usually pretty strong, so use sparingly…don’t know about the Lemon Garlic Sauce but it sounds like you could use it the same way…on grilled meats or as a marinade for meats or veggies before you roast them.

  4. Bonnie Rubin says:

    The first thing I did after we cleaned our basement was to set up a pantry, I actually enjoy my excursions downstairs for a change! I think your WSP list is a terrific idea, and I just printed it for posting on the fridge next to my pantry shelves. I also liked your suggestion on News Feed Daily for roasting vegetables in advance to be served as sides later in the week. It never occurred to me! Thanks Rachel!

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