Healthy Halloween Article Featured

Just try and write about Healthy Halloween! Go ahead, I dare you. Just speaking about Halloween and “healthy” in the same sentence gets you on the toilet paper and egg list where I’m from. But still, I was asked to write about just that for, Food Section and I think I came up with some solutions that can actually make Halloween just a bit healthier, without sucking all the fun out of it at the same time.

Please help support my burgeoning guest writer career by clicking through to the article from here and checking it out! It’s fun, short and sweet (well, not so sweet, remember, it’s HEALTHY Halloween). And if you could leave a comment below the article and let know what a genius I am (or something like that), it couldn’t hurt!

Part 2 of Healthy Halloween will be appearing within the week. I’ll keep you posted!! And thanks for the read and your support!

Rachel Willen’s Healthy Halloween Tips






One response to “Healthy Halloween Article Featured”

  1. Lyn Sheldon says:

    Great article Rachel…it makes perfect sense! I will send out to my distribution list.

    Happy Halloween!

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