Launching Classes in Soho

Expect Miracles. Do you remember that bumper sticker from sometime back in the day? I’m not remembering exactly when (70s? 8os?) I adopted this phrase as the motto for my magical thinking, believing that grand things and serendipitous orchestrations were just the way the universe worked (if you only “put out the energy” you could attract what you needed, if not always what you wanted), but I know I was a much younger, more boundlessly optimistic version of my more recent self.

About 5 years ago, losing my mother in a tragic accident, losing our entire nest egg and a thriving business in an economy crash, and the struggle that came in the wake of all that, have put me in a kind of “miracles my ass!” frame of mind that has become my screen saver mode. Oh, I persevere…I know how to persevere. I keep going and doing and pushing. I reinvented myself, put my son through culinary school, went to culinary school myself, started my business FoodFix, started this blog, my husband started a new practice and we held on to our house and our a portion of our sanity.

Then, one day, about 2 months ago I was explaining to a friend that “it would take a miracle” for me to find a suitable kitchen space in Manhattan to teach regular group classes; one that I could afford. He just looked at me and said in an inimitable New York fashion, “So start asking. Ya neva know.” He had created his own improbable, amazing and affordable working space in Manhattan through a combination of magical thinking, risk-taking, and creative problem solving, why shouldn’t I?

Soon after that conversation I sent out an email to a friend describing what I needed and saying “I’m looking for a miracle. Nothing logical.” Miracle number one: I was asking for a miracle again in my life, believing in it’s possibility (barely, but still.) Miracle number two: this friend introduced me to a friend, who had a space, who who agreed to meet with me, and said “why not?” And what a space!

So, through an amazing partnership with this friend of a friend, on March 20 I’m doing my first class in this utterly glamourous and gorgeous space at the Desiron New York showroom on Wooster Street in Soho. I have openings for up to 16 people and would love to fill this first “trial” class with people who know me (and love me?) and can “go with the flow” as I figure out how to make it all work. With the amazing Electrolux designer kitchen, 40-foot counter and ample space for seating and dining, this should be a no-brainer.

To be a part of my “miracle” class you can go to this EventBrite Event Page that I’ve created and register…or to the EventBright box on the right-hand column of this page and click on Order Now. If you have any questions about the class, location, parking, etc. please don’t hesitate to contact me.

If you are in the NY Metro Area…I hope to see you at this class…and if not this one…the next or the next or the next. I intend to make this an ongoing miracle!