Recipes Revisted 2012

To look at Phoebe, my 9-year-old Viszla, you’d think the holidays were pure torture around my house. But don’t worry about Phoebe. Her bed is plush, her blanket cozy and she got plenty of snacks over the course of the holiday weekend, some stolen (sneaky garbage raid), some generously given (table scraps that included a smokey sweet, honey-glazed ham, a garlic and rosemary roasted leg of lamb given to my son as a gift from a purveyor for his restaurant, and a 10-hour pot roast made with beef from his girlfriend’s family farm.) So, don’t feel bad for her that she was forced to pose as a pathetic reindeer for the comic benefit of all. If you know anything about Viszlas, you know that any form of attention is welcome, even if it involves hokey headgear.

To keep a Christmas promise, three random readers who left comments were chosen to receive the Cuisinart Metallic Series, Elite Collection, 4-Cup Chopper and they have been notified by email already. I’m new to this give-away thing so it was hard to think of only being able to make a few of you happy this time around, but there will be more give-aways in the coming year, so stay tuned! I enjoyed all the comments and thank you for sharing your plans for the holiday with me.

Two days ago I had foot surgery that I’ve been putting off for two years, so I’ll be basically immobile for the next week while I allow the foot to begin it’s long healing process. By next week I’ll be wearing a walking boot that will allow me some time on my feet in the kitchen, but for today I thought I’d just remind you of some of the best and most popular recipes posted here over the last year.

The Spicy Roasted Shrimp Cocktail would make a great appetizer for a New Year’s Eve party…

As would this easy to make Deep Dish Spanikopita, with spinach, onions, feta, nuts and crispy phyllo…

For the new year, why not stock your fridge with some basic building blocks for the coming months of soups, and stews and other savory comforts by making some garlic, tomato, onion and onion/fennel confits

Two soups that will get me through what I believe is going to be a bear of a winter, are easy to make and bone-deep satisfying…Vegetarian Borscht and Sausage Escarole


Slow cooked meats that fall off the bone are always welcome on a cold winter night and if you haven’t tried these recipes yet you are in for a treat…

Fennel Chicken with Orange and Honey

and my simple yet amazing method for Melting Ribs

Two last recipes would elevate any afternoon of football beyond the level of chips and dips to real food…

The Charcuterie Burger with Sauce Gribiche

and this Crispy Kale, Farro and Coconut Salad

I wish you all the happiest of new years. May 2013 be filled with great food, loving friends and family, great memories and wishes fulfilled!  Thanks for reading and being a part of one of my wishes fulfilled—the chance to do what I love to do—write, cook, inspire and share my passion with you all.

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  1. stacy says:

    Great idea, Rachel! Now that the Holidays are over and work has slowed down, I actually have time to cook again. These dishes are tempting!!

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