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Do you want to entertain a group of friends or family in your home, impress them with simple, elegant and healthy fare and make it all seem effortless? Perhaps you want to do some of cooking yourself but are afraid you might not be able to organize and pull off the entire event from soup to nuts? Let The Kitchenista be your secret chef and home-entertaining mentor. We help you design the menu, shop and execute the dishes. You learn new skills along the way and create a magical and memorable culinary event. We slip away before  your guests are within a 10-block radius, leaving only the aromas of a fabulous home-prepared meal as evidence we were ever there. For more information contact us and put “Secret Chef” in the subject line.

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  1. Carmon Marshall says:

    Rachel Willen

    My wife and I are seventy-plus, with fifty years of marriage. We no longer fly commercial and therefore a cooking class with you won’t be happening. I would be perfect for your class that you describe wonderfully. My wife has tired of cooking having done so for a grown family of five. I have been the primary cook in our retirement years and I love it. I would rather cook than play golf or paint watercolors which I also enjoy. I share your respect and inspiration from Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa. I thank you for your words of wisdom about healthy cooking and especially your description (shared with my wife and children) of breakfast with Fruit Loops and such. Long ago I lost that battle with my wife and children, but now my concern is the grandchildren.

    I would be interested in purchasing your cookbook, if you have had one published. Increasing my cooking skills is my goal. I attack nearly any recipe and along with my wifes experienced advice most of the efforts have great results. I have pleased many with my cooking joy and it is all good.

    I wish you success with your school and catering business. You are sure to do well as your web site demonstrates.

    Thank you.
    Carmon Marshall

    • rachel@foodfixkitchen.com says:

      Carmon, Thanks for reading! I love that you have taken on cooking in your retirement and discovered the joy in it. Good luck with the grandkids and getting them to eat healthy if their parents are committed to it. It’s hard enough to get kids to do so even when they are (take my daughter, for instance!) But all you can do is lead by example, serve them great food when you have them with you, and above all…share cooking with them…it’s a great activity to do with kids and you will give them the tools to eat wisely for their entire lives. Two books I like for people who want to learn more culinary skills, techniques and basics of great cooking are Martha Stewart’s Cooking School, which is very complete and detailed (just like you would expect Martha to be) and Mark Bittman’s How To Cook Everything. I hope that helps. Stay tuned for more entries. I hope you subscribed by email so you can get them as soon as they post!

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