Turn Your Book Club Into A Cook Club: FoodFix Party


OK, are you as bored with the book group as I am? Try a new, stimulating way to get together with friends. Have a single FoodFix party in your home, or a series, and we’ll custom design an interactive (that means you get to cook and you get to eat) group classes centered around delicious, healthy recipes and cool culinary skills. And for those die-hard book club fans, we can base the class on a new or classic cookbook from my library or from your favorite star chef. The class can even take on a literary theme and we can learn recipes inspired by the current book your club is reading.  Contact me and put “FoodFix Home Party” in the subject line. I will get back to you ASAP to answer any questions and start planning your event. Go to the Classes area of this site to see more about Classes in Your Own Kitchen.