welcome to food-fix!

Welcome to my food-fix Blog. I hope to provide great recipes, tips, information and insight, along with a few laughs to get you eating, cooking and living well. How do I define “well?”. Well…I mean having high standards for what you put on your plate and in your body. Not expensive, neccesarily, but “real food” made from fresh, whole ingredients. I teach my clients to “think outside the box” — I mean the processed food box — by preparing simple, delicious meals with great ingredients in their own kitchens. As a classically-trained chef, I support my fellow chefs who work in or own great restaurants — so many of them are following this credo in their kitchens — but my mission is to get people eating and cooking at home more often, and becoming informed consumers of food. The more we know about great food, and what’s good for us, the more we can raise the standards of the way food is produced and manufactured in this country, and reverse the devastating trends of obesity and rising statistics for degenerative disease in our kids. I hope to inspire you and Stir Things Up! Stay tuned.