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  1. Valentine Soup?
    Allow me to be the Scrooge of Valentine’s Day. You see, my marriage is over and I’m not going to get a card from my… MORE »
    Valentine Soup?
  2. parsley pesto pasta
    Say good-bye to summer. It feels odd writing this on a truly Indian Summer day where the temperature is predicted to hit 92 degrees here… MORE »
    parsley pesto pasta
  3. Smoked Salmon Crisps
    Letting go is not something that happens in a single moment. It is rather, a process. Even when the loss is sudden—as in the accidental,… MORE »
    Smoked Salmon Crisps
  4. Elevated Eggplant: Caponata
    Food, like music, can be an instrument of time travel. The notes of a particular refrain, the four or five bars of intro to a… MORE »
    Elevated Eggplant: Caponata
  5. My Oh My Meatballs
    Meatballs are the new cupcake. Restaurants devoted entirely to the sphere have sprouted in NYC and in every major city, and high-profile, upscale restaurants have… MORE »
    My Oh My Meatballs