Fall Recipes on Relish.com

I’m happy to have made new friends at Relish.com, the website for Relish Magazine (Celebrating America’s Love of Food) and they have published three of my fall recipes. It’s a great way for me to remind you of these previously posted recipes, Wild Mushroom Cobbler, Roasted Root Vegetable Tzimmes, and my all time favorite not-too-sweet dessert, Upside Down Rosemary Pear Cake.  I just made this cake again for a demo at a Crate and Barrell Bridal Event this past weekend, and it confirmed for me how much I love that combination of caramelized pears, moist cornmeal cake and rosemary. (And I had to eat three pieces to really confirm it!) Any of these dishes could proudly grace your holiday tables or any meal from now until April when it’s time to get excited about spring salads and grilling.

So check these out…and happy cooking!

Here are the Pear Cake, The Cobbler and The Honey Roasted Roots!

8 responses to “Fall Recipes on Relish.com”

  1. Brenda Varner Judin says:

    Very cool! Word is getting around about Chef Rachel Willen I think!

  2. Sue Bailey says:

    The mushroom cobbler is one of the best dishes I have ever eaten in years of great eating!! My friend made it for a brunch and I just had to have the recipe. So good to have it again to send to friends. You MUST try this mushroom cobbler recipe!

  3. Keter says:

    Hi, Rachel, I followed you over here from your post on Heather Solos’ Home-Ec101 (.com) blog and love the recipes…I’m making the pear upside down cake tonight! Congratulations on your publication in Relish!

    • I love how that works…I play in HomeEc101’s backyard and make new friends…and I hope my friends will go play over there too! Heather has so much great fundamental information! You will absolutely love the pear cake…don’t be afraid to really crowd up the pears in the pan, maybe use one extra pear than the recipe asks for even…this way you will get the delicious carmelized pear with every bite. That is the only thing I would change about that recipe!

  4. pam gallo says:

    Making this for sure! My 89 yr old mother-in-law is visiting this weekend,
    looks like she will be pleased with me now!

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